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How to market new developments on Casa United

Casa United offers you the posibility to market new developments.

If you have a property that consists of a main property (e.g. a housing estate) and associated units (e.g. apartments), then you can link these individual units to the main property. To do so, simply select the name of the main property.

Main property
You can create this property as a main property, i.e. a property consisting of multiple units. You will need to create the individual units for this property separately. When you do so, select the property name you gave to the main property you created: the individual units will then be associated with your previously created main property.

Example: a building project with 100 apartments
The entire apartment block is given a property number and property name, e.g. "SEAVIEW TOWER". Each individual apartment is then created: it also receives its own property number and is linked to the "SEAVIEW TOWER" apartment block. This lets you present the overall building project.

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