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Casa United – a new property marketing concept

Casa United – a new property marketing concept

Imagine you want to sell your property.
You usually have two options:
You can look for an estate agent you trust, or you can list the property yourself on a regional or national property portal.

If you list it yourself, you will usually only reach potential buyers on a national level.
But Casa United gives you the opportunity to place listings globally, automatically translated into 11 languages, at a very low price. This naturally gives you a much greater chance of finding a buyer. Additionally, potential buyers searching the web in their mother tongue will often not see national listings, which are generally monolingual.

You can provide your own address in your advertisement, or if you prefer to remain anonymous to begin with, you can list Casa United as the first point of contact. All inquiries will then be automatically forwarded to you.

If you like to sell your property through a reliable agent, choose an agent who is part of the network. All agents in the network can enter joint business deals with other members, without language barriers, in 11 different languages.
This also gives you much greater marketing opportunities since all members can refer buyers to your agent.
In the Casa United network, all estate agents can communicate with each other, hold discussions in forums, set up groups, join groups, and enter into joint business deals with automatically generated listing agreements in 11 languages.

All property listings from agents can be posted in one language and will then be automatically translated into 11 languages.
Estate agents can decide for themselves whether they want to list their property only within the network as a joint business deal and/or make it available exclusively to private potential buyers on the public Casa United site.

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