The internal network and the internal property exchange of Casa United is only available for commercial real estate professionals. Private individuals advertise here >>
It is becoming increasingly important for the real estate industry to enhance intra-industry communications and close joint deals. CASA UNITED gives you the opportunity to set up a personal profile with the aim of communicating with other real estate brokers and industry professionals.
  • Are you looking for a property or an investor?
  • Do you want to propose a joint deal?
  • Are you looking for other contacts in the real estate industry?
  • Use your personal network at CASA UNITED - regionally, nationally and globally!
CASA UNITED's partner network is intended for use by registered, commercial real estate professionals — not private sellers. All members must accept the General Terms and Conditions of CASA UNITED.

Every agent offering a property who participates in CASA UNITED’s Property Exchange is prepared to give their colleagues a share of the commission earned by successfully closing a sale.

The agent offering a property offers his or her colleagues in the CASA UNITED Partner Network a commission split in the event of the deal being closed.

The commission must be specified either as a fixed percentage of the listing price or as a fixed fee in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF. If no fixed amount is specified, the percentage specified by the agent offering the property is converted to a fixed amount in the given currency. The secondary commission quoted in the respective listing and in any one of the aforementioned currencies is the only one that is binding. The amount is displayed in the respective currency next to the property listing; it is naturally visible only after login and only for network members. The commission specified in the property listing by the agent offering the property must be paid even in cases where the actual purchase price is higher or lower than the agent's original listing price.

Real estate brokers may accept or reject inquiries from colleagues. If a customer referral is accepted, the broker undertakes to pay the secondary commission as specified if the respective property is sold and grant customer protection for this customer. The referrer's claim to commission against the agent offering the property at issue arises from the listing agreement which is generated automatically by CASA UNITED and which is stored in the system and may be inspected by the agent offering the property before accepting the potential buyer.

If the referrer wishes to earn commission from the sale of a different property to the customer he or she referred, then the customer's complete contact details must be transferred to the agent offering the property using the PDF form provided by CASA UNITED. This must be done separately for each additional property and confirmation of commission must be obtained from the agent offering the property for each additional property, unless this is already covered by the customer protection granted in the listing agreement.

CASA UNITED is not a party to individual agreements between members and acts only as the provider of the technical platform required. Independently of the above, every member is naturally free to enter into separate agreements concerning the payment of commission and other matters directly with the respective colleague by letter or email.

CASA UNITED does not participate in commissions paid between members.

  1. An international sales network.
  2. All members can refer potential buyers to you. If the deal is closed, you pay the commission you offered to the referrer.
  3. You can list your construction projects on the CASA UNITED Website (together with pictures, plans, videos, etc.)
  4. Each individual unit is shown separately.
  5. Your listing can be viewed worldwide in at least ten languages.
  6. The more commission you offer, the greater the response.
CASA UNITED wants to maintain a high level of quality among its members.

Professionals engaging in joint business deals would like to know how reliable their business partner is. In addition to the contractual agreements, the ratings systems allows members to see the experience other colleagues had with this member. Here, you can rate other members or view the ratings you have received. Key criteria are reliability, professional expertise, response time to enquiries and the observation of payment agreements.

Offers from the network: the simplest route to more properties and additional revenue! work local – act global!
  • 1. By embedding an additional search feature in your website (a Casa United link), you can offer your customer all of the Casa United properties.
  • 2. You are listed as the contact person for all properties. Enquiries are sent to you directly.
  • 3. After forwarding these inquiries to your colleague - the agent offering the property , you receive the secondary commission offered in the event of a successful sale.
  • 4. The system automatically generates and stores a commission agreement for the parties involved.
  • 5. In contrast to MLS (multiple listing system) platforms, Casa United members are prohibited from copying other agents' properties and offering these as their own properties on their own websites.
  • 6. At Casa United, the property agent himself/herself – who is commissioned to sell the property and knows it – is the direct contact for potential buyers.
  • 7. However, special bilateral agreements between members are of course permitted.

The demand for international buyers continues to gain in importance. Benefit from this development while cutting your costs for expensive translations and multilingual management of real estate details, plus time-consuming SEO in multiple languages. Simply upload your real estate listings in your own native language and Casa United handles the rest – ensuring that all your listings are professionally translated (not a "Google" translation) and can be found by interested real estate brokers and private potential buyers from anywhere in the world."

We want to enable our members to react rapidly to the market. We have integrated the following features since it is usually time-consuming to do your own graphic design.
  • 1. All listings can be printed out or forwarded in at least ten languages.
  • 2. Ready-made sales particulars for your storefront can be printed out (in A4 or A3 format) with your company letterhead, and also in at least ten languages.

Video: Joint business deals (English)