Independent of location and time, the regional, national and international real estate network interconnects the industry. As a real estate professional, you'll share ideas with your industry colleagues and exponentially increase your potential via the internal property pool. You'll list properties completely free of ads in the open real estate market, at no cost, so as to keep the focus on your offerings.

Basic Membership is Free

You'll enjoy unlimited listings free of charge, be digitally connected with industry partners, and close joint business deals.


Real Estate Marketplace: Free, Unlimited Listings

An unlimited number of listings from your portfolio on the Casa United marketplace free of charge! Your properties will be offered not just to a national audience, but also to an international target group - as such, you'll also be taking part in the globalization of the real estate business. You'll have the golden opportunity to target potential customers, by gaining the attention of the audience focused on your range of offerings.


Networking: Connectivity among real estate professionals

Avail yourself of the opportunity to leverage the integrated industry network for communicating with your peers, or to find business partners in the real estate industry anywhere in the world. Freely determine your target audience and share your off-market properties with select partners in the community or with a broader audience.


Property Pool: Seize opportunities, accomplish more

It's an art to professionally cultivate potential customers. Expand your potential - leave some of the marketing to your network. Increase customer contacts via joint businesses within the property pool. A broader portfolio of offerings engages the buying public and increases the likelihood of closing deals.


Microsite: Your business stands out

Show your company on its own microsite. Maintain your lead in digital marketing. The microsite produced for you is both SEO optimized and multilingual - completely and automatically improving your name recognition every day - and you'll always be at the forefront of the internet.


Company Directory: Digital and Smart

As a microsite owner, your company is individually listed in the Casa United business directory. Your services and coverage area (Region) are clearly presented, in multiple languages, and beyond national borders (International).